Escaping writer’s block in a pandemic without the usual remedy


October, 2020: A friend invites me to take a writing class with him, an L.A. class with an L.A. focus, developing a TV pilot. …

When you take a bite of King Cake, you’re home.

I thought I’d heard the door buzzer during the day, but as I walked by the box on the floor in the lobby, I didn’t stop to look at it. It didn’t look like a record— the only packages I usually get— but eBay people box things up strangely sometimes…

Watching a friend get dragged on Facebook for celebrating women

A close friend of mine, a white woman, posted on Facebook that picture of Kamala Harris, the Vice President elect, with the silhouette of Ruby Bridges, who was famously escorted to a newly desegregated school by U.S. Marshals. …

Delectable ideas from our foraged cupboards

“Red Beans” & Rice

1 bag dried cannellini beans (kidney, pinto, & black-eyed were all super sold out weeks ago)

That last Jimmy Dean sausage biscuit from the back of the freezer

1 Himalayan Salt Block

1 packet Mexican Rice mix

Louisiana hot sauce

“Happy Birthday” and “ABCD” have gotten despairingly old. Take your freedom back and sing something bold and defining.

Metallica — “Creeping Death”

So let it be written
So let it be done
I’m sent here by the chosen one

Die by my hand
I creep across the land
Killing first-born…

To the first person who knows all 13 records, I will DONATE $100 to the music-based charity of your choice

[UPDATE: $100 was donated to Sweet Relief’s COVID-19 fund]


13 DAYS, 13 RECORDS, $100

It’s been fun to see what has inspired people in…

How has what you’re watching or reading changed?

Was watching:
MSNBC, just in the morning.
Now watching:
CNN 24/7 turned up super loud. My neighbors hate me but they’re just not taking this seriously.

Was watching:
Fox and Friends every morning.
Now watching:
Every live Trump appearance and his Twitter feed. Now, more…

Questionable terminology as the world learns about Hart Island

Today, The New York Times published a story describing “that it was likely some coronavirus victims” will soon be buried on Hart Island.

Stories about “mass graves” have been circulating for over a week, and the use of the term, both by recognized press outlets and extensively on social media…

If you’re new to working from home as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have some answers.

I’m having a hard time adapting to working from home.

You still have a job? Did you know the entire service industry is unemployed and poised to topple the economy? Did you…

Bradley Spinelli

Books: Killing Williamsburg, The Painted Gun. FIlm: #AnnieHall. Words: Bedford+Bowery.

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